Things You Need to Know Before Replacing Your Roof in Jacksonville FL

Planning on installing a new roof on your home in Jacksonville FL? Well, you probably already know that getting your roof replaced is one of the biggest home improvement projects. 

First of all, the roof is the most important part of your home, which is why you’d want to carefully consider every aspect of the roof replacement process. 

Second of all, this is also one of the bigger financial investments that you, as a homeowner, will make, so you’d want to make sure it’s a good one. 

And last of all, it is a project that requires a bit more work than a roof repair – it usually spans over a few days – which is why it also requires a little patience. 

With all of this in mind, every homeowner wants the roof replacement process to be done right the first time and to their utmost satisfaction. And for it to be successful, here are a few things you need to consider in advance. 

Choosing the Right Material Is Crucial

Selecting the right material is one of the most important decisions you will have to make before installing a new roof in Jacksonville FL. When choosing a material, consider the price, appearance, and lifespan of different roof materials. 

For instance, even though asphalt roofing shingles are affordable, their lifespan is shorter than some other roofing types. On the other hand, metal roofs are strong, sturdy, and the most durable of all, but they are a bit more costly. 

Therefore, before you choose a roof type, make sure to consider all of its pros and cons and consult with your local roof replacement contractor. 

Choose Between Installing a New Roof or Adding a New Shingle Layer Over the Existing One 

You will have to choose between peeling off the old roof completely, the so-called roof tear-off, or adding a new layer of shingles over the already existing roof system in Jacksonville FL. 

Keep in mind that whatever you choose, it should comply with the building code. According to the building code, you won’t be allowed to place more than two layers of shingles on your roof.

If you’re short on time or/and money, you can consider layering the new roof over the older one. However, if the shingles that are currently on your roof are curly or the roof isn’t even, taking off the old roof is the smartest way to go about it. 

Be Prepared for Smaller Inconveniences to Your Daily Routine

Remember that a roof replacement project can span over a few days, which means you will have quite a few people and tools around your home. This can cause some minor disruptions and inconveniences to your daily routine, but nothing that cannot be handled or dealt with.

For example, stripping off the old roof and hammering a new one can cause some noise and disturbance, especially if you have small children in the house or pets sensitive to loud noises. This is why many homeowners usually decide to take their kids and pets somewhere else while the roofing is being done, for example to a friend’s or a relative’s house. 

However, our roofers in Jacksonville FL are always very mindful of the home’s residents and they always keep the noise at the lowest possible level.

Hire a Professional Contractor Is Important 

Hiring a professional and experienced local roofing contractor in Jacksonville FL is as important as choosing the right type of roof. You can’t let a roof replacement task, which is both costly and time-consuming, be handled by an amateur. 

Make sure you hire a well-skilled and experienced roofer for the job. Always go for a professional that is licensed, insured, that comes with warranties, and that is based locally. 

Final Thought 

A roof replacement is a big and important investment, which is why you shouldn’t leave anything up to chance. Be an informed homeowner and learn as much about the roof replacement process as possible so that you can be well prepared.

And for any additional questions and advice, your best roof replacement company in Jacksonville FL is at your disposal!

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