Your Ultimate Summer Roofing Maintenance Checklist in Jacksonville FL

As great as Florida summers can be, they can also bring their own set of potential issues. Humidity and the scorching heat can mean only one thing – inevitable thunderstorms. And what better place to hide out than the safety of your own home?

But for it to successfully keep you sheltered from any type of unpredictable weather, it needs to be well-maintained first. While your best Jacksonville FL roofers are always one call away, there are certain steps you, as a homeowner, can take to ensure your home remains in top shape no matter the weather.

The most common causes of roof damage in Florida are wind and hail, pooling water, and falling trees. And this checklist will ensure that your roof protects you from each one.

Look for Cracked Roofing Shingles

The main job of roof shingles is to keep standing water from seeping into your home. So, if you notice that they are damaged or cracked, your entire home could be in danger. In this situation, your safest bet is calling your number one Jacksonville FL roofing experts to do a thorough assessment of your shingles. 

We would be more than happy to inspect your roof and offer our professional opinion and services. Visibly cracked roofing shingles are bad news and the sooner you call our Weatherlock crew, the faster you’ll be able to enjoy a fully functioning roof again.

Inspect Your Attic

For some reason, most Jacksonville FL homeowners believe that attics are supposed to have a certain unpleasant smell. But the truth is – they don’t. If your attic does have a musty, uncomfortable smell, it’s because there’s some kind of a problem.

Must can be expected in humid, damp spaces, so the minute you notice it, call a roofing professional to inspect your attic for possible leaks. If you ignore the bad smell for too long, you run the risk of mold fostering and spreading all over the attic. It’s best to get your roof fixed before mold makes an appearance.

Clean Your Gutters

The purpose of gutters is to protect your Jacksonville FL home from pooling water and prevent it from causing damage to your home. But for them to do their intended job properly, your gutters need to be cleaned and maintained regularly.

When you leave them dirty and filled with debris, they cannot funnel away the excess rainwater. Because of that, the soil surrounding your property will be flooded and inevitably damage your home’s foundation. 

Look for Leaks Inside Your Home

If it’s been too long since you’ve inspected your roof and you’ve started noticing sagging on your ceiling as well as discoloration, you’re probably dealing with a leak. The cause of this could be damaged flashing or cracked shingles. Not to mention that when water gets inside your home, it can be detrimental to its entire structure, foundation, and air quality. 

When not handled promptly, water damage is known to result in mold and mildew growth, which negatively affects your home and your family’s health. The minute you notice a leak, call our Weatherlock crew to mitigate the problem and make your home a safe space for you and your family again.

Trim Your Trees

If there are trees around your home, make sure the branches aren’t hanging over it. In case of a storm, tree branches are likely to fall off and cause serious damage to your roof. As a result, you will need roof repair or roof replacement services, depending on the severity of the damage. By trimming the trees, you minimize the chances of this happening.

Call Your Trusted Roofing Professionals Today!

This checklist will help you keep your home in top shape during the summer. But if you ever notice any issues that require professional assistance, call your Weatherlock roofing experts ASAP. Our Jacksonville FL crew is always at your service!

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